Care at  Durham Physiotherapy pain relief in Oshawa in Oshawa is grounded in orthopedic manual physical therapy, the art and science of utilizing highly skilled, specific hands-on techniques and modalities to treat musculoskeletal injuries. 

Our physiotherapists guide patients in performing detailed therapeutic exercises customized to meet their therapy goals. The focus of therapy remains on motor control, pattern of recruitment, and timing of recruitment in order to retrain movement that often results in pain and disability. 

Therapeutic exercises are designed to improve strength, stabilization, range of motion, balance, and elite level functional performance.


Why wait until you’re injured to take care of your body?  Our physiotherapists can   

help you strengthen your physical weaknesses to help prevent further damage.

Physiotherapy draws upon a combination of manual manipulation and retraining 

the body’s own neuromuscular consciousness.

By utilizing their extensive knowledge and ongoing training, Durham Physiotherapy physiotherapists help you understand the mechanics of your body. 

Through manual therapy and  exercise, our highly experienced, highly qualified physiotherapists can balance and align your body to reach a more optimal state.


With their extensive experience, especially with orthopedics, our therapists have tremendous results in treating a variety of patients and conditions, including athletes and  dancers, people with arthritis and joint replacements, and persons suffering from work related injuries and motor vehicle accident injuries. 

Addressing both your most obvious symptoms and identifying underlying issues, our professionals are trained to provide you with individualized treatment that will continue to heal and align your body. 

Whether the patient is a small child or young student, an active senior, or maybe a dancer, hockey player, golfer, a person competing in sports or sitting at a computer, you deserve to function at your best. Let us help you live the life you deserve!


Keep your body at its best by allowing our physiotherapists to maintain your balance and alignment. 

By bringing this conscientiousness back to your activity, our therapists draw upon extensive knowledge and qualifications to help you to keep making informed decisions to support your continued well-being. 

The custom created plans and exercises constructed by our professional will prevent you from slipping back into an injury or a damaging habit. Utilize our expertise to keep your mind and body active the right way.